A downloadable game

ii!ii is a framework for an ASCII-styled adventure game, which sees the player tasked with taking over villages on an island using their wits, words or force.

The ! is your adventurer/avatar, while the i characters denote members of your retinue. A varied cast of adventurers and retinue members allow for personalisation of your travelling party.

Quests and events will offer the player opportunities to earn gold, recruit a new retinue member or gain vital knowledge that can be used in village takeover.

Villages and Chieftains alike have differing belief systems that affect how likely your party is to convincing them or beating them in combat respectively. Various hints and feedback placed throughout the game can advise the player on which route is likely to be the most successful!

Source code, assets, design docs and post-mortem included in download for this 2-week long project.

Install instructions

Unzip the file and double click on the Playable folder. The file marked v1.0.exe will run the game. No installation needed.


ii!ii.rar 47 MB