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A Microhex is a device given to young wizards, witches, enchanters and more, to enable them to practice basic spellcasting using arcane objects known as glyphs. In any city where magic is studied, you are likely to run into youths firing off tiny versions of real-life hexes at eachother – miniature fireballs zing off pavements and poison auras drift over the dinner table (much to the chagrin of the parent who spent an age preparing a healthy supper for their sprogs).

As a new Microhex user, you will have a chance to challenge human opponents, or play against specially conjured replicas of high-ranking hexers who belong to guilds of note. Align yourself with a guild and receive a boon to their favoured school of magic. Climb the league rankings, ascend in your chosen guild and become the best hexer amongst your peers!

Install instructions

  • Unzip file to suitable location / subfolder.
  • Double-click application to run.


Microhex.zip 51 MB

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